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Jayna Woods

Good Girl! Lick it up! Jayna Woods is the perfect girl to end the day with! she came over today and did just what she came to do….Swallow My Nut! This blonde has a tight little body with perky little tits and a craving for hot loads of cum! Luckily we had just what she was looking for. She took every inch I had to give and made sure lick up every drop she let get away! Next time we will definitely tap that ass as her tight little pussy was just crying out to get fucked!


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Emily Evermoore

This bitch spilled a some….but hey I forgive her as she just spent fifteen minutes gobbling my hard cock down her throat! Plus, with her body I have a feeling she just might kick my ass if I bitched her out after she blew me. She managed save some of my load so I can say she tried to Swallow My Nut, but then again not every girl is perfect. We can let her pass on this one, but next time she better not spill or we may just have to punish her. Then again she probably would enjoy it.


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Sandra Romain

Getting Sandra Romain out here added a little bit of flavor! Her nicely tanned skin and her great tits and ass were a great site to see. She was amazing when she started to suck my cock and I have to say it was hard holding back. Sometimes the girl is just so hot you just want to blow and Sandra made me want to blow right away. Anyways, I held back and gave her about ten minutes sucking before I blew my hot load right into her mouth!


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Hayley Jayde

This blue eyed blonde has a body to die for. Great little tits and a tight little ass. Plus, staring down at her when shes got eight inches of hot cock in her mouth is rewarding! Normally I would bend her right over and stick my cock right up her ass, but this time she was here to Swallow My Nut and I am not going to stand in the way of any girl who wants my hot load in her mouth. A girl who can take a hot load and beg for more is ok in my book and I assume she is in yours.


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Marli Jane

You know what happens when you find a girl who loves to suck cock and swallow! No you do NOT marry her, you let her suck your brains out and then you pass her onto your friends! That is just what happened when we found Marli Jane! A friend referred her to us and we can NOT thank him enough. This little brunette has a tight body and she loves to swallow cock and as many hot loads as she can! she did not miss a drop and she made sure to swallow every last bit!


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Chelsie Rae

Stuffing a hot load down the mouth of a hot blonde seems to be a national past time, or it should be! Every teenage boy dreams of growing up to stick his rock hard cock in the mouth of the hot blonde next door and Chelsie Rae is a perfect example! she took every inch and swallow every drop! You have to love a girl that takes pride in her work and Chelsie is a blonde with great tits, a tight add, and an even tighter mouth. Nothing was going to stop her from getting my load and I was happy to do it!


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Mia Rose

Mia Rose is just fucking hot! she has a rocking little body and an attitude to back it up! she just loves to party and fucking and sucking fits right in! she cam ever to Swallow My Nut and who in their right mind would say know to this chick. She proceeded to take my cock in her mouth and enjoy every inch. I really wanted to fuck her, but it was blowjob time so I was not going to argue. She took every inch and then swallowed every drop. She was and still is one of our favorite girls!


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Lindsey Meadows

Brunette Lindsey Meadows may seem like an innocent girl, but she is definitely not. She is a freak who loves to fuck and there is not much else she enjoys more than having a rock hard cock in her mouth and a hot fresh load in her throat. She loves to swallow and she loves the cock. We were happy to deliver just what she wanted when we jammed our eight inches into her throat and dropped a fresh hot load! she made sure not to miss a drop and she got an A for the day!


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Veronica Jett

Suck it bitch! Suck it! Why is we love hammering our cock down a girls throat? Oh yeah, because they love it! Well Veronica Jett loves it and you can tell! Ramming my hard cock down her through while watching her eyes pop out was just beautiful. I did have to watch out for her teeth though as I can tell shes a biter! But hey a little teeth on the cock may not bad. But she did take every inch and took every drop like a champ. Watching her swallow my nut was a treat!


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Sindee Jennings

A hot blonde like Sindee Jennings begging for your cock in her mouth is a good thing. This chick has the most incredible personality and body around! All she wants to do is suck and fuck, fuck and suck, then repeat! I let her take every inch and then Swallow My Nut. The most I can do for a girl is give her what she wants and this little nympho asked for it and she received! Rarely do we get a girl with such enthusiasm, and Sindee takes the prize! #1 most energetic cock sucker!


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